Sarah says: ‘Over the last twelve years I have been trained in many different treatments, but I have always returned to the basics – these are reliable, safe ways to treat the most common concerns that my clients have. Over the years I have refined my techniques, and there have also been huge improvements in the quality and range of dermal fillers. I realise now that I wasted huge amounts of money paying for training in techniques that have not stood the test of time in terms of results or safety. The basics, carried out with care, using the best products, are the treatments I still carry out today.’

Wrinkle treatment

Wrinkle reudction before and afterThis is carried out using ‘botox’ (see the article under ‘Blogs’ for an explanation of the term ‘botox’). This is an effective and popular way to soften and relax those annoying wrinkles, and is mostly used to treat frown lines, laughter lines, forehead lines and bunny lines. Treatment lasts from four to six months, depending on the individual response.



Dermal fillers

Cheek enhmancementDermal fillers are used to fill hollows and deeper lines, and to generally ‘lift’ the face. They are made of hyaluronic acid, which is identical to the hyaluronic acid you have in your skin (you have lots when you are young but lose it as you age). A ‘non-surgical face lift’ can be carried out using hyaluronic acid fillers and is an effective and long-lasting treatment that instantly rejuvenates the entire face. This is Sarah’s favourite treatment to give as clients can see the difference instantly.


Thread veins

Facial veinsFacial thread veins can be treated using a specialist machine called ‘ThermaVein’. Those pesky and unattractive thread veins are instantly obliterated and cannot return.

Treatment takes 30 minutes and you may need more than one treatment, depending on the extent of your problem. This treatment is also suitable for skin tags. Please note this treatment is only suitable for facial broken veins, not those on the legs.

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 Lip lines
Lemon lips, smokers’ lines. Call them what you will, we all hate them. These can be effectively treated using a light dermal filler. The treatment not only softens the lines straight away but also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to further reduce their appearance.



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